For one to get easily spotted by employers and hrs, CV placement is a very important factor on our website.

What is CV placement?

CV placement is a package which categorizes you to a group of candidates which you find fit according to your needs. This means each of the candidates is given a chance to choose how their CV is to be placed on the website.

Types of CV placement and their features

  1. Basic Posting
  • A candidate will have a chance to post a CV for free
  • CV can be viewed by employers when they search that category selected by candidate
  • CV appears on searches according to region selected by candidate.

2. Volunteer Posting

  • Volunteer posting place your CV in a group of people who are ready to work at any given allowance or sometimes nothing.
  • CV is placed with a red badge
  • This will benefit a member from getting experience for doing jobs.
  • It adds a chance of getting employed as most employers like to employ known candidates.
  • It is easy to get a post somewhere else for a good salary rather than one who has no job and stays home.
  • Easy to get Connection with other people from other companies not compared to one who waits for a job at home.
  • Easy to be invited for interview and get internship post as Volunteers are risk free to employers loss.

4. Top featured posting

  • It includes all features of basic posting.
  • CV is given badge of being Featured.
  • CVs are placed top on searches, This means During a search on particular category suppose it is accounting, A search will show Top featured CVs, followed by the basic posting CVs.
  • Featured CVs appear twice that is on top and in between the searches.
  • Its the best of all. It has less competition and gives a high chance of popularity from the rest of types of CV placement.